Conductive Polymer Flexible Anode

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Conductive Polymer Flexible Anode

Conductive Polymer Flexible Anode

Flexible anode is also known as polymer type cable anode, which is made of modified polymer with conductive and stable performance. By using graphite powder as conductive material and the cooper cable core as current conductor, the cable shaped anode has excellent flexibility, strong resistance to mechanical damage and good chemical stability.

Flexible anodes are mainly used for the cathodic protection of buried pipelines and the bottom of storage tanks for the purposes of solving the following problems:

1. The old pipes covered by the aging layer;

2. Complex pipe network;

3. Wall of tank bottom;

4. Parallel pipes with long distance and small spacing;

5. High resistivity environment

General Composition of Flexible Anode

1. Cooper Core

2. Conductive Polymer Anode Material;

3. Coke Residue

4. Basketwork

Basic Parameters

1. Product Mode: AFLX-1500

2. Product Diameter: 38.0mm2.0mm

3. Standard Weight: 1.49 kg/m

4. Max. Output Current Density: 52 mA/m

Installation Instructions

The way to lay flexible anode is similar to that of the cables.Firstly, dig a trench parallel with the pipeline. Secondly, fill half of coke powder in the trench, and then put the flexible anode in place. Then cover another half of the coke powder and use the original soil to cover it fully. Finally, backfill in a large amount.

Conductive Polymer Flexible Anode

Conductive Polymer Flexible Anode

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