Anodeflex Flexible Anode

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Anodeflex Flexible Anode

Anode-flex Flexible Anode

Anode-flex (Flexible Anode) is the core component of the cathodic protection system. It is a linear, flexible and carbon based anode system, being installed in the pipeline, tanks, or other protected structure nearby, and connected to the anode which is connected with external power supply, while the oil tank and pipeline are connceted to the negative electrode of the external power supply to form a circuit. After power on, the right amount of protection current can be evenly dispersed through the wire to each part so that the protected body is fully protected.

1. Conductive Polymer Flexible Anode

Anode-flex system is composed of 6AWG copper wire, conductive polymer, pure activated carbon, acid resistant material layer, woven protection net and other basic units.

Product Characteristics
A. The central copper conductor having the conductive polymer as auxiliary material plays a key role in flexible anode. This structure can not only prevent the copper core from being corroded by chemical corrosion, and can ensure the long distance transmission of the current. At the same time, there is a small amount of cathodic protection current continuously spread in the conductive polymer auxiliary layer, making the full length of the auxiliary layer have a current penetration.
B. The outer layer of the conductive polymer is active carbon of high performance, and the outer layer is wrapped with a layer of acid and alkali resistance. This structure can make the activated carbon loosed in the field easy to handle, thus simplifying the installation of the site program.
C.The flexible anode can be installed near the protected member to solve the problem of shielding and interference;
D. Flexible anode for non corrosive anode, will not produce environmental pollution.
E. Long service life, high reliability, easy installation

Anodeflex Flexible Anode

2. Copper Cable Core Anode-flex

Copper cable core: used as current conductor, the cable type anode has good flexibility, strong resistance to mechanical damage and good chemical stability. With 12.7 mm outside diameter of cable and 11.4mm2 sectional area of internal copper core wire, the resistance of unit length R is 2m.m-1. Flexible anode is mainly used for the cathodic protection of buried pipeline and tank bottom.
The application of flexible anode successfully resolves the problem of old pipeline cathodic protection and also can generally solve the difficulty of some conventional cathodic protection technology such as interference of external structure, the implementation of cathodic protection problems in high resistivity environment medium, cathodic protection current distribution at tank bottom.
Generally flexible anode has the following components: copper core, conductive polymer anode materials, coke residue, basketwork and so on.

Copper Core Linear Anode for Cathodic Protection System

Anodeflex Flexible Anode

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