MMO Titanium Flexible Anode

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MMO Titanium Flexible Anode

MMO Titanium Flexible Anode

MMO flexible anode applications: the cathodic protection in the field of petroleum and petrochemical where has a lot of buried metal equipment and facilities such as buried pipelines and storage tanks etc..

Features of MMO/Ti Flexible Anode

1. Material: Titanium based MMO wire;

2. Consumption Rate and Life: more than 20 years, no change of size or shape;

3. Environment Adaptability: used in variety of environment

4. Regional Protection: used for the occasions with large current density and large difference output occasion;

5. Property: extremely flexible anode

6. High current utilization rate; very small current consumption of non-protected objects;

7. Simple protection and construction for the protection of complex situation; no need to fill the coke and connection cable

MMO/Ti Flexible Anode

MMO Titanium Flexible Anode

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