Pipe Blasting Cleaner

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Pipe Blasting Cleaner

Pipe Blasting Cleaner

Steel pipe inner/outer wall special purpose shot blasting cleaner is suitable for cleaning inner/outer surface of steel pipes, remove the scales and weld dregs, make it show metal color, increase its ratio surface and weld dregs, and thus contribute to painting and coating.

The machines are provided with accumulative cabinets, loading and unloading pipe system, tumble system and transfer and tumble movement system.

Our company have passed SGS Audit, and gained ISO9001:2008 cerification and ISO14001:2004 Certification. With Professional Test Equipments in our company, we can test electric system and parts in various Voltage and Hertz worldwide . The test range is 0 - 600V, 45 - 500HZ. Passed the test, it can ensure our machine working normally under specific power at the User side.

Key specifications:

Pipe diameter: ŽÁ19- ŽÁ 77 mm

Pipe Blasting Cleaner

Shematic Diagram

Pipe Blasting Cleaner


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