Marine Pneumatic Fire Control Damper

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Marine Pneumatic Fire Control Damper

Applications :

CFH-Q type marine fire damper has been designed according the working enviroment at sea,and in accordance with fireproof requirements of marine structure in the convention on the safety of life at the sea as well as it's amendment.It can be widely used every kind of ships ventilation and air conditioning system such as offshore platform,etc.

Features :

1.Control voltage:DC24V/AC110V/AC220V.

2.Protection degree:IP44/IP56/IP65/IP67.

3.Explpsion-proof degree:Exd||BT4~BT6 Exd||CT4~CT6.

4.Close Time:<2S.

5.Air leakage rate:<5m3/ m2 .h

6.The operating pressure is 0.5-0.8Mpa,The fire damper should normal open on getting,Compressed air and electric power,and should be close on loss of compressed air or electric power.

7.Fusing temp is 70 3 C,If the temperature of air within damper duct exceeds 70 3 C ,The fusible link of fire damper will be broken and the change valve will cut off the compressed air source to close the fire damper.

8.On/off status of control electric source for solenoid change valve could be controlled locally or remotely,thus open/close the fire damper.

9.Manual change valve can be controlled by handle dragline,and the fire damper can close locally or remotely.

10.On/off signal output when the fire damper is on/off.

Installation :

1.Shipyard should check the fire damper and ensure everything is OK before installation.

2.Fire damper should have a independent support to ensure the function of the fire damper.

3.A service space of at least 350mm should be reserved for maintenace.

4.Manhole of at least 450x450mm is required when the fire damper is installed above ceiling or on duct.

5.No fire or welding are premitted with a scope of 3m from fire dampers,in order to ensure the temperature of sensor less than 65C

6.Fire damper should be tested during installation,and be inspected regularly after installation.

Available size :





Flange size

Rectangular single-blade

CFH-Q axb



According to GB1561-79

Circular single-blade




According to GB1561-79

Rectangular multi-blade

CFHD-Q axb



According to GB1561-79

Circular multi-blade




According to GB1561-79

Process drawing :

Marine Pneumatic Fire Control Damper

Marine Pneumatic Fire Control Damper

Marine Pneumatic Fire Control Damper

Marine Pneumatic Fire Control Damper

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Marine Pneumatic Fire Control Damper

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