A0 Fire Damper

Fire Damper Closing Performance Test:

Manual closing test: put the fire damper in the installation state, and open the valve plate to 90 degrees or according to the classification Angle, and then operate the manual closing device, three consecutive times, the valve plate should move quickly, and the valve plate and handle reset normal, sensitive and reliable.
Electric closed test: puts fire avoiding the installation condition, and open the valve plate to 90 degrees or according to the step Angle, and then in electric closing device terminal A, B two ends connected DC24 plus or minus 2.4 V power supply, will drive disc close quickly, three times in A row, valve plate shall be quick action, valve plate and handle reset is normal, every time shut down current should be no greater than 0.7 A. When the valve plate is closed, the micro switch moves to cut off the electromagnet current, and the power supply at the signal end is switched on.

Causes of air lock action:

1. Gas source: instrument gas
2. Power supply: 220vUPS
3. Manual switch: air source
4. Instrument signal: unit ESD/FG fire control panel
5 fusible rod: air duct temperature (70 3)
6. Executive cylinder: connecting rod

Picture of A0 Fire Damper

A0 Fire Damper


A0 Fire Damper

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