Galvanized Electrical Fire Damper

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Galvanized Electrical Fire Damper

Applications :

Fire dampers are used in marine or bulidings to regulate the flow of air in an HVAC system,They can be used in intake,exhaust,or mixed air applications.

Dampers are manufactured with single flap/multilouvers.The louvers are connected through suitable linkage to a controlling actuating device,such as electrical actuator/solenoid valve/pneumatic cylinder/fusible link.Louver/flap shaft are provided with bearings with greasing facility to enable smooth rotation.

Louvers/flaps are made of mild steel,The louvers/flaps are designed in the form of a box and are sandwiched with high grade unsulating material which can withstand 9800 C for period of 90minutes,conform to CBRE/UL-555,Thereby acting as effective barrier in closed position to the flame path between air duct and fire effected area.

Features :

1.Control voltage:DC24V/AC110V/AC220V.

2.Protection degree:IP44/IP56/IP65/IP67.

3.Explpsion-proof degreeExd||BT4~BT6 Exd||CT4~CT6.

4.Fusing temp is 70 3 C,If the temperature of air within damper duct exceeds 70 3 C or outside air temperature around duct near 95C,The fusible of fire damper will be broken and cut off the control electrical power to close the fire damper.

5.Close Time:<10S.

6.Air leakage rate:<5m3/ m2 .h

7.On/Off signal output when the fire damper is open/close.

8.Each fire damper is supplied with one electrical control box to control on/off opreation of the fire damper locally or remotely.

Installation :

1.Shipyard should check the fire damper and ensure everything is OK before installation.

2.Fire damper should have a independent support to ensure the fuction of the fire damper.

3.A service space of at least 350mm should be reserved for maintanance.

4.Manhoule of at least 450x450mm is required when the fire damper is installed above ceiling or on duct.

5.No fire or welding are permitted with a scope of 3m from fire dampers,in order to ensure the remperature of sensor less than 65 C.

6.Fire damper should be tested during installation,and be inspected regualarly after installation.

Available size :





Flange size

Rectangular single-blade

CFH-D axb



According to GB1561-79

Circular single-blade




According to GB1561-79

Rectangular multi-blade

CFHD-D axb



According to GB1561-79

Circular multi-blade




According to GB1561-79

Process drawing :

Galvanized Electrical Fire Damper

Galvanized Electrical Fire Damper

Galvanized Electrical Fire Damper

Galvanized Electrical Fire Damper

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Galvanized Electrical Fire Damper

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