Marine Davit

Product Description

The Marine davit is mainly used for lowering lifeboat and rescue boat depending on boats¡¯ self weight,and recovering the lifeboat and rescue boat usingelectric boat winch.The boat canbe lowered by the remote control. And marine davit belongs to a kind of marine deck equipment.We will provide high quality products and excellent services for customers.The custom-made products are also available.

Design,manufacture and test of the davit fully comply with relevant requirements of 1996 amendment of 1974 International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and resolutions of Maritime Safety Committee MSC.81(70).

There are various types of marine davit according to their different operation modes as follows:

Different Types of Marine Davit£º

Marine Davit

Single Arm Rescue Boat Davit

Marine Davit

Telescopic Davit

Marine Davit

A-type Fast Rescue Boat Davit

Marine Davit

Free Fall Lifeboat Launching Appliance

Marine Davit

Platform Davit

Marine Davit

Pivot Gravity Davit

Certificate£ºMarine Davit

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