Dovetail Bottom Twistlock

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Dovetail Bottom Twistlock

Dovetail Bottom Twistlock

Dovetail bottom twistlock is used with dovetail foundation to fix the bottom of container. It is designed with a flat base that can be installed in a slipper frame or welded directly. They are perfect for connecting shipping containers to any other structure.

Product Details:

1. Material:Forged steel

2. Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanized

3. Finish: Shop primer

4. Application: Container, shipping

5. Weight: 5.8KG, 6.4KG

6. M.B.L tension: 500KN

7. M.B.L shear: 420KN

8. M.B.L compression: 2000KN

9. All items are proves by major classification societies.

Our scope of container fittings are the follows:

D-ring, Lashing plate, Raised ISO foundations, Dovetail foundations, Flush sockets, Sliding foundations, Guide cone, Guide block, Turnbuckles, Lashing rods, Extension rods, Manual twistlocks, Semi-automatic twistlocks, Midlocks, Sliding twistlocks, Bridge fittings, Single stackers, Double stackers, Hanging stackers, , ETC.

Dovetail Bottom Twistlock

Sketch of the dovetail bottom twistlock

Dovetail Bottom Twistlock

Dovetail Bottom Twistlock HSDB29

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