Container Loose Fitting

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Container Loose Fitting

Container Loose Fitting

Container loose fitting include container stacking cone, twistlock, lashing bar, turnbuckle, bridge fitting and so on. They are made of high quality ship building steel with hot dip galvanizing on the surface. All of them are used to secure container above deck on a container ship or barge. They have advantages of light weight, good corrosion resistance, high quality and simple operation. And all the items are approved by major classification societies.

Our scope of container fittings are the follows:

D-ring, Lashing plate, Raised ISO foundations, Dovetail foundations, Flush sockets, Sliding foundations, Guide cone, Guide block, Turnbuckles, Lashing rods, Extension rods, Manual twistlocks, Semi-automatic twistlocks, Midlocks, Sliding twistlocks, Bridge fittings, Single stackers, Double stackers, Hanging stackers, , ETC.

Safety Notices:

1. All the items should be checked by professional staff before and after use.

2. The container loose fitting should be greased and examed carefully every 3 months.

3. Clear dust, rubble and residue of equipment before use.

4. Turnbuckles should be greased often to avoid corrosion.

5. The product should be replaced immediately if cracks appear.

If you have any question or requirement, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Container Loose Fitting

Container Loose Fitting

Container Bottom Stacker

Container Loose Fitting

Breech Base Twistlock

Container Loose Fitting

Container Bridge Fitting

Container Loose Fitting

Semi-automatic Twistlock

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