Container Midlock

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Container Midlock

Container Midlock

Container midlock can lock and unlock automatic in the bottom layer of container. It is made by high quality forged steel with hot dip galvanizing on the surface. And all items are approves by major classification societies.

Product Details:

1. Material:Casting steel

2. Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanized

3. Finish: Shop primer

4. Application: Container, shipping

5. Weight: 4.5KG

6. M.B.L tension: 500KN

7. M.B.L shear: 420KN

8. M.B.L compression: 2000KN

9. Customized design is available

10. All items are proves by major classification society

Our scope of container fittings are the follows:

D-ring, Lashing plate, Raised ISO foundations, Dovetail foundations, Flush sockets, Sliding foundations, Guide cone, Guide block, Turnbuckles, Lashing rods, Extension rods, Manual twistlocks, Semi-automatic twistlocks, Midlocks, Sliding twistlocks, Bridge fittings, Single stackers, Double stackers, Hanging stackers, , ETC.

Container Midlock

Sketch of the container midlock

Container Midlock

Container Midlock HSCM30

Container Midlock

Application of the container midlock

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