Marine Compass

Marine Compass

Maine compass is a necessary equipment for navigation. There are two reasons: whether your vessel is dead in the water, or moving slowly against an outgoing tide, the compass provides real time compass headings. Second, marine compass is reliable in all situations even if it works without power supply. That is why every vessels needs a compass. Our company provides various kinds of marine compass, for example Vertical Marine Magnetic Compass. If you want to know more specific information, please email us.


1. High sensitivity and precision

2. Reliable performance

3. Long service life

4. High cost performance

5. Compact construction

Pictures of marine compass

Marine Compass

65mm Spherical Marine Plastic Compass for Yacht

Model: CX-65

Marine Compass

CPT-130 Desktop Liquid Boat Compass

Model: CPT-130

Marine Compass

CPL-190 Vertical Marine Magnetic Compass

Model: CPL-190

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