HHP Pool Anchor

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HHP Pool Anchor

HHP Pool Anchor

Pool anchor is one type of stockless high holding power anchor. When Pool anchor is used as bow anchor for sailing, its weight can be lighter by 25% than standard weight. Pool anchor is divided into Pool-N type and Pool-TW type. Pool-N anchor is high holding power anchor. While the Pool-TW anchor is super high holding power anchor whose coefficient of holding power is 4 times higher than that of the ordinary stockless anchor.

Features of Pool Anchor

1. Having smooth and sharp flukes;

2. Applicable to a variety of seabed sediments.;

3. Good stability and high meshing soil ability;

4. Simple anchoring and collection operation;

Product Details

1. Type: HHP Pool Anchor Type N&TW

2. Material: casting steel

3. Certificate: CCS,ABS,LR,GL,DNV,NK,BV,KR,RINA,RS etc.

4. Application: a variety of ships

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Nominal Weight: 12kg to 15400kg

HHP Pool Anchor

Type N Pool Anchor

HHP Pool Anchor

Type N Pool Anchor Drawing

Nominal Weight: 60kg to 68875kg

HHP Pool Anchor

Type N Pool HHP Balanced Anchor

HHP Pool Anchor

Drawing of N Pool HHP Balanced Anchor

Nominal Weight: 20kg to 12675kg

HHP Pool Anchor

TW Type Pool Anchor

HHP Pool Anchor

TW Type Pool Anchor Drawing

HHP Pool Anchor

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