Electric Lifting Hoist

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Electric Lifting Hoist

Electric Lifting Hoist

Electric hoist is a kind of special lifting equipment, which is installed crane or gantry crane. It has advantages of small volume, light weight, simple operation, convinent use, etc. And it can be widely used in industries, mines, construction sites, storage terminal and other places. The lifting weight of it is generally from 0.1t to 80t, lifting height is from 3 to 30 meters. It can be devided into electric wire rope hoist and electric chain hoist.

Features of electric hoist:

1. The structure of it is compact;

2. Greatly reduce the labor intensity, and improve work efficiency;

3. It is easy to change the hoisting height;

4. It can satisfy the use requirements of general occasion.

Safety notices:

1. If the motor does not work after startup, it can not be used to lift object;

2. Inspect if the electrical wiring is correct and reliable before use.

3. Make sure the button of brake handle can work well;

4. It must be inspected regularly by specialized personnel

5. There should be enough lubricating oil during use, and keep the oil clean;

6. Not allow the heavy weight object be suspended in the air when it is not working to prevent permanent deformation;

7. If there is an accident, cut off the main power immediately;

Electric Lifting Hoist

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Electric Lifting Hoist

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Electric Lifting Hoist

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Electric Lifting Hoist

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