Chinese Standard Welded Link Chain

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Chinese Standard Welded Link Chain

Chinese Standard Welded Link Chain

The welded link chains provided are manufactured to meet requirements of Chinese Standard. The Chinese standard welded link chains include Chinese standard round link mining chain, Chinese standard short link lifting chain, Chinese standard hatch cover chain, Chinese standard stainless steel link chain, Chinese standard fine tolerance hoist chain... Chinese standard welded link chain features high strength, good abrasion resistance, excellent reliability. The chains provided are produced by Chinese top plants with strict quality management system.

We have chains in stock, and we also customize chains in accordance with your requirements. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

Features of Chinese Standard Welded Link Chain

• Material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel

• Specification: 5 mm ~ 45 mm

• Finish: self colored, painted, burnished, galvanized

• Application: lifting purposes, general purposes

Partial Product Display

Chinese Standard Welded Link Chain

Round Link Mining Chain

Standard: GB/T 12718

Type: round link

Material Diameter: 10 mm ~ 42 mm

Application: chain conveyors and coal ploughs

Chinese Standard Welded Link Chain

Short Link Lifting Chain

Standard: GB/T 20946

Type: short link

Material Diameter: 5 mm ~ 45 mm

Application: lifting purposes

Chinese Standard Welded Link Chain

Hatch Cover Chain

Regular Material: 20Mn2 and 20MnV

Material Diameter: 11 mm ~ 30 mm

Application: for rolling type hatch covers

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