Alloy Steel Rudder Pintle

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Alloy Steel Rudder Pintle

Alloy Steel Rudder Pintle

This product is rudder pintle. It is made of alloy steel. Ití»s a very important part of rudder system, because it is used to connect the rudder to the rudder post or rudder horn. It is usually made into the cone shape. We promise to supply the product with the best quality and offer the first-class service. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


1. Material: alloy steel (stainless steel and forged steel for option)

2. Certificates approved: ABS, CCS, DNV, BV, NK, RIA, etc.

3. Test: 100% ultrasonic flaw detection test

4. Delivery time: according to the quantity and size

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Alloy Steel Rudder Pintle

Stainless Steel Rudder Pintle

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