Steel Sheet Pile

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Steel Sheet Pile

Steel Sheet Pile:

Largest China Cold formed Steel Sheet Pile supplier_HI-Sea. Steel Sheet Pile is popular applied in projects of offshore building, riverside building and some other projects need to prevent the sands, water, and mud.

Cold-formed Steel Sheet Pile has advantages in lighter weight, higher modulus and lower cost compare to the hot rolled sheet pile, meanwhile it has no limitation on min. Quantity and has quick delivery.

Sheet Pile:

World leading manufacturer of cold-formed sheet pile!Our products popular applicated for temporary earth-retaining , temporary cofferdam works and permanent structures

1. Width: 400-900mm

2. Thickness:3mm-17mm
3. Material:S235, S355GP, S430GP,Q345B,MDB350

4. Standard:EN 10249
5. Max.modulus of section: 5000cm3/m

6. Full range of U,Z,HZ,OZ,Trench piles,light weight and heave gauge sheet pile. Popular used as substitute of most hot rolled sheet pile from Acelor Mittal in all of the world!!!!

CE certificate,SGS Certificate ,ISO 9001

Contact us to get:Immediately shipment ,rock bottom price in the world!!

U type steel sheet pile ,sheet piling ,cold formed steel sheet pile .U type steel sheet pile.

Material:S235, S355GP, S430GP,Q345B,MDB350
Standard Grade
JIS A5523 SYW295,SYW390
JIS A5528 SYW295 ,SYW390

Standard Grade
EN10248-1 S240GP

Standard Grade
GN/T20933 Q295bz

Steel Sheet Pile

Steel Sheet Pile

Z Type Cold Formed Steel Sheet Pile

Steel Sheet Pile

U Type Steel Sheet Pile

Steel Sheet Pile

Larson Steel Sheet Pile

Steel Sheet Pile

Hollow Section Steel Pile

Steel Sheet Pile in Use

Steel Sheet Pile Steel Sheet Pile
Steel Sheet Pile Steel Sheet Pile

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