Piling Sheet Bar

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Piling Sheet Bar

Piling Sheet Bar

According to the difference of processing techenology, steel sheet pile can be devided into hot rolled steel sheet pile and cold formed steel sheet pile. As a kind of important construction material in the field of modern foundation and underground engineering, steel sheet pile can not only meets the traditional water conservancy, civil engineering, road traffic and environment pollution treatment, but also plays an important role in sudden disaster control.


1. Strong bearing capacity and light weight, and the comprised wall has a very high strength.

2. Good water tightness. The joint lock bound tightly, and can control seepage naturally.

3. The construction is simple, and can adapt to different geological condition and soil.

4. Good durability. The service life can be up to 50 years.

5. Environmental protection construction. It can effectively protect the land resources.

6. Work efficiently. It is suitable for rescue and prevention of collapse, earthqueck, quicksand, etc¡£


1. Encountering unknown obstacles in the processing of pile driving, acr bypass should be adopted.

2. In the soft foundation, the adjacent pile may be influenced, then the adjacent pile head can be welding together to solve it.

Piling Sheet Bar

Piling Sheet Bar

Cold Formed Steel Sheet Pile

Piling Sheet Bar

Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Pile

Piling Sheet Bar

U Type Steel Sheet Pile

Piling Sheet Bar

Z Type Steel Sheet Pile

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