Steel Sections for Shipbuilding

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Steel Sections for Shipbuilding

Steel Sections for Shipbuilding

Steel sections are also known as steel profiles. Steel sections include steel channels, wide flange beams, I beams, steel angles, bulb flats, flat bars... The steel sections for shipbuilding are made of specialized marine steel, such as CCS A, B, D, E, AH32, DH32, EH32, AH36, DH36, EH36, AH40, DH40, EH40 or other equivalent steel grades. The steel sections are produced in accordance with many standards in order to meet different market requirements. We provide you full selection of product dimensions. We also can customize products if you require special specifications. All steel sections for shipbuilding provided are certified by relevant classification societies. We guarantee product quality, delivery on time and excellent service. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us!

Why choose us?

• Wide product availability

We can provide all marine steel sections, such as marine bulb flats, marine steel angles, marine wide flange beams, marine steel channels, marine flat bars, marine half-round bars, marine T sections...

• Rich selection for product dimensions

The steel sections for shipbuilding are produced according to different standards, and they are with different dimensions.

• Stable quality

The products we provided are produced by Chinese top steel mills with good reputation.

• On-Time Delivery

We have rich experience in import and export trade, and we have built complete logistic system.

Partial Product Display

Steel Sections for Shipbuilding

Bulb Flats for Shipbuilding

Nominal Width Range: 80~430mm

Adopted Standard: GB/T9945-2012, EN 10067

Steel Sections for Shipbuilding

Steel Angles for Shipbuilding

Available Size:

equal leg angles: 20203 ~2 5025035mm

unequal leg angles: 25163 ~ 20015015mm

unequal leg and thickness angles: 20090912 ~ 50012013.535mm

Adopted Standard: GB/T 706-2008, JIS G3192-2008

Steel Sections for Shipbuilding

Wide Flange Beams for Shipbuilding

Available Size: 10050 ~ 900300mm

Adopted Standard: GB/T 12263-2010, ASTM A6/A6M, BS 4-1, EN10034, EN 10025, JIS G 3192, KS D3502, KS D3503

Steel Sections for Shipbuilding

Steel Channels for Shipbuilding

Available Size:

Chinese Standard: 5# ~ 40#c

American Standard: C3 ~ C15

European Standard: 30154.04.5 ~ 40040011014.0mm

Steel Sections for Shipbuilding

Flat Bars for Shipbuilding

Nominal Width Range: 75 ~ 400mm

Adopted Standard: GB/T 702-2008

Steel Sections for Shipbuilding

Steel T Sections for Shipbuilding

Available Size: 10# ~ 60#a

Adopted Standard: GB/T 3433-2013

Steel Sections for Shipbuilding

Half-Round Bars for Shipbuilding

Available Size (diameterradius): 3015 ~ 12562.5mm

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