Masthead Light

Masthead Light:

Masthead Light is one kind of navigation signal light,which used as lamp signal when night navigation.It can make an unbroken light in the 225 กใ of the horizon.Masthead light can be produced by different materials like plastic,steel,stainless steel and others,also can be made into double-deck and single-deck.Applied to different types of ships,conform to THE INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS FOR PREVENTINGS COLLISION AT SEA 1972 and GRADE ENTRY NORMS FOR STEEL SHIPS.And is in agreement with standard GB/T3028-1995.Approved by CCS and ZY of China Fishery Inspection.


1.visibility:5n.m or 6n.m

2.Level arc:225 กใ

3.Protection class:IP55,IP56



Masthead Light

Double-deck Masthead Light

Masthead Light

Single-deck Masthead Light

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