Marine Kitchen Ceramic Tile

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Marine Kitchen Ceramic Tile


Choose smooth or matte glazed tiles for kitchen tiles, which is more convenient to clean and can create a stylish effect.

The ground tile material should be made of matte surface as much as possible to reduce the risk of slipping caused by the dampness of the kitchen floor; the kitchen and bathroom have large water vapor, so it is not advisable to mix wall tiles and floor tiles, otherwise the floor tiles should not be firmly attached to the wall, and the wall tiles should be used on the ground. It is also difficult to clean because it absorbs too much water.

In the kitchen or bathroom, the tiles with low water absorption rate should be selected as much as possible, because a large amount of water is prone to appear on the floor of the kitchen or bathroom, and water is often used to clean, so try to choose ceramic tiles with low water absorption rate.Product Showing:

Marine Kitchen Ceramic Tile

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