Ceramic Tile

Main Products of Ceramic Tile:

Ceramic tiles can be divided into floor tiles and wall tiles according to their uses. Floor tiles can be placed on the wall, but wall tiles cannot be placed on the ground. According to materials, they can be divided into glazed tiles, whole-body tiles, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, microcrystalline tiles, and fully polished glazed tiles.

Glazed tiles: The surface is glazed, rich in color, good in anti-skid performance, and not as wear-resistant as polished tiles;

Whole body brick: the surface is not glazed, wear-resistant, non-slip;

Polished brick: The whole brick body is polished, hard and wear-resistant, with pores and easy to get dirty, and the color is single;

Vitrified tile: upgraded version of polished tile, full ceramic tile, harder and wear-resistant, strong anti-fouling, low water absorption, relatively non-slip;

Microcrystalline stone: high-end product, high hardness, compression and bending resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, strong stain resistance, rich colors, high price, low strength, no wear resistance;

Fully polished glazed tiles: rich in color, low water absorption, weak anti-fouling ability, and not wear-resistant.

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Ceramic Tile

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