Marine Ceramic Tile

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Marine Ceramic Tile


1. Vitrified tile: The anti-skid property of vitrified tile is general. Although the water absorption rate is low, the surface is polished to a mirror effect.

2. Polished tiles: The types of polished tiles have poor anti-skid properties. After polishing, the surface is bright and smooth, and the anti-skid performance is poor. It is not recommended to lay them in kitchens and bathrooms and other spaces that require high anti-skid performance;

3. Whole body bricks: Whole body bricks have good anti-skid properties, and are generally used as anti-skid bricks. It is made by high pressure pressing of rock debris, the surface is unglazed and rough, the gloss is average, and the anti-skid performance is good;

4. Glazed tiles: Glazed tiles have better anti-slip properties, and the glazed tiles with glazed surface treatment have strong anti-fouling ability. Although the anti-skid properties are not as good as those of full-body tiles, they are far better than polished tiles and vitrified tiles;

5. Mosaic tiles: The anti-slip properties of mosaic tiles are also good. The individual blocks of the tiles are small, and there are certain gaps between the blocks, thereby enhancing the anti-skid properties.

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Marine Ceramic Tile

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