Marine DC UPS Power Supply

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Marine DC UPS Power Supply

Marine DC UPS Power Supply Application

Power supply adopts the control mode of pulse width modulation, power supply has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, stable output waveform, etc.

Marine DC UPS Power Supply has the characteristics of general UPS power, while considering the characteristics of the ship and the environmental requirements, the power supply products according to ABS and CCS specifications for design, meet the standards of marine electric.

Marine DC UPS Power Supply Features

1)Complete range of input voltage
a) single line single phase AC AC220V
b) two line single phase AC AC220V
c) three phase 380VAC

d) direct current DC24V

2)advanced battery management: three step charging,float charging,equalizing charge can be automatic converted, improved the battery protection.

3)perfect protection measures: output short circuit, overload protection, the whole machine overheat protection; the input DC protection and the protection of DC over voltage protection.

4)When the AC power out,the power supply can be switched to the input DC power supply (or battery power supply) uninterruptedly,so as to ensure uninterrupted output,out put no flush.

Marine DC UPS Power Supply Technical Data

Model HSMU
Input Voltage AC220V20%,Or 3 phase AC380V20% or DC 20~32V
Output Voltage DC26.5V0.5V
Output Waveform Pure sine wave, THD = 3% (resistive load)
Output Current 6~1250A
Efficiency 87%
Insulation strength Input AC to Output,AC 1500V Input AC to the housing AC 1500V,
Protect Function Input DC Reverse Connected Protection,Output Short-Circuit and Overload Protection,Over-heating(Internal heat sink temperature more than 85)

Marine DC UPS Power Supply Service Condition

Working temperature -10桫50
Storage Temperature -4085
Relative humidity 90%(402%)
Atmospheric pressure 70106Kpa
Transverse inclination 15
Trim 5
Rolling 45(Cycle 512S)
Pitching 10(Cycle 57S)
Cooling method Air cooling

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