High Current Marine Automatic Charger

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High Current Marine Automatic Charger

High Current Marine Automatic Charger Application

High Current Marine Automatic Charger is used to all kinds of offshore platforms, ships, to provide a stable and reliable charging of all kinds of batteries on board.This product can also be used on large vehicles, aviation, railways, telecommunications, electric vehicle (electric forklift, electric cars, golf car, tractor, light tour bus), storage and transportation and other industries, it is also mandatory product for battery maintenance business.

High Current Marine Automatic Charger Features

1)Protection for Over-voltage,Under-Voltage of input and over-current and short circuit for output(only available for 2KW and above)
2)Input voltage can be single-phase 110V to 380V or three-phase 220V to 440V
3)Applicable battery capacity from 80AH to 2000AH or higher
4)Three stage charging, charging mode automatic switched
5)Applicable to any type of battery
6)Charger Voltage Temperature Compensation Module is available for battery charger in different environments.
7)Different Function Configuration is available to meet varieties requirements.
8)Several dimensions are available to be easily assembly inbattery charging and discharging panel
9)When the charger charges the battery while it powers the load in the same time,the charger can be automatically switched to regulated power after fully charged the battery.

10)Output Voltage and Output Current can be adjusted manually.

High Current Marine Automatic Charger Technical Data

Model YZC
Input Voltage Single Phase 110VAC or 220VAC15% or 85264VAC Three Phase 210VAC or 380VAC15% or DC0-1000V
Regulator accuracy 1%
Constant current accuracy 1%
Output voltage ripple Vp-p1%
Output Rated Voltage

DC 0V~700V(Can be adjusted manually)

Floating Charge Voltage for each battery:13.2V, Equalizing charge Voltage:14.1V

Output Rated Current 0A~1000A(Can be adjusted manually)
Efficiency 90%(Rated Test)
Working temperature -10桫55 or -20 to 65
Working ambient humid Less than 90%
Protect Function Over-voltage,Under-Voltage of input(Optional) and over-current and short circuit for output,Over-heating

High Current Marine Automatic Charger Speficiations

Model Battery Voltage(V) Battery Capacity(AH) Output Voltage(V) Output Current(A) Full load efficiency Communication Method
YZC-12KW-128V 128V 200AH-300AH 146V 85A 92% CAN2.0 or RS485
YZC-12KW-256V 256V 100AH-200AH 292V 42A
YZC-12KW-384V 384V 60AH-100AH 438V 30A
YZC-20KW-192V 192V 300AH-400AH 219V 100A
YZC-20KW-384V 384V 100AH-200AH 438V 50A
YZC-20KW-576V 576V 60AH-100AH 657V 30A
YZC-30KW-256V 256V 300AH-400AH 292V 100A
YZC-30KW-384V 384V 200AH-300AH 438V 70A
YZC-30KW-576V 576V 100AH-200AH 657V 50A
YZC-40KW-496V 496V 200AH-300AH 565V 70A
YZC-40KW-576V 576V 150AH-300AH 657V 60A
YZC-40KW-640V 640V 100AH-200AH 730V 55A
YZC-50KW-704V 704V 100AH-200AH 803V 60A
Dimension can be made per battery arrays,and OEM is available for non-standard products.

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