CCS Certified Marine VFD Shore Power

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CCS Certified Marine VFD Shore Power

CCS Certified Marine VFD Shore Power Application

CCS Certified Marine VFD Shore Power Supplies high quality 50/60Hz power for varieties of marine equipments. It can be widely used in marine, ship manufacturing and repair plant, offshore drilling platform, port and other occasions.

This kind of marine VFD shore power can be used for power supply of high power VFD equipment in marine,port where has High temperature, high humidity, high corrosion, high load and other harsh environments.

CCS Certified Marine VFD Shore Power Features

1)The power PCB circuit board adopts coating curing process; the sine filter and the output transformer adopt the whole vacuum insulation paint and spray coating, which has high insulation level and protection ability;

2)Cabinet with spray treatment makes the protection grade reached IP22, if installed in the mobile cabin, overall protection grade can reach IP54.It can be applicable to open and occasion where requires overall moving often and any harsh working environment.

3)It has perfect protection of over-voltage,under-voltage,over-current,short-circuit,phase-lack,overheating of inverter and transformer and others for input/output power.Also,the threshold of such protection can be set as you wish.Given electrical load control of different ship,it will alarm if the load reaches the threshold.

4)With the automatic switch of power supply,the system can supply power to ship uninterruptedly while the ship docked.

5)It can display the output frequency,average value of 3-phase voltage,3-phase current,Three phase line voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor and others.

6)This system can comprehensively and dynamically monitor the running situation of each subsystem through central control system or Control system of variable-frequency variable-voltage power supply device.

7)The application of information management system can greatly reduce the labor intensity and quantity of equipment operation and maintenance personnel, can guarantee the equipment in the best running, both energy-saving and greatly reducd the equipment loss and maintenance costs.

CCS Certified Marine VFD Shore Power Specification

Capacity(kVA) 300¡¢400¡¢500¡¢600¡¢800¡¢1000¡¢1200¡¢1500¡¢2000¡¢2500
AC Input Voltage line voltage 380¡À15% or 10kV
Frequency£¨Hz£© 50¡À5%
Power factor ¡Ý0.95£¨100% Load£©
AC Output Voltage 3 Phase +3 Line +N,Output voltage can be set as requested when order
Regulated Rate Static£¼1%£¬Dynamic£¼3%
Voltage peak factor 1£®4
Frequency 50HZ£»60HZ£»400HZ;Output Frequency can be set as requested when order
Frequency stability rate ¡Ü0.1%£¨0-100% Load Changes£©
Power(kW) 240¡¢320¡¢400¡¢480¡¢640¡¢800¡¢960¡¢1200¡¢1600¡¢2000
Waveform distortion ¡Ü3%
Overload capacity 110% 1hour 125% 10minute 150% 1minute
Efficiency ¡Ý85%£¨100% Load£©
Operation interface LCD touch screen
Display Output Digital display: voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency
Function Basic Line voltage compensation
Protect over-voltage,under-voltage,over-current,short-circuit,phase-lack,overload,overheating alarm
Resistance strength Input and output 2500V sine wave 1 minutes (working class), no flashover
Protect Grade Outdoor IP54 above, indoor IP22 above
Cooling method Fan
Noise £¼65DB£¨A£©
Installation Mobile£¬Fixed
Environment Temperature -20¡æ-50¡æ
Humid 0-90%£¨Non Condensed State£©
Altitude Below 1000m
CCS Certified Marine VFD Shore Power

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