Backpack water mist fire extinguisher

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Backpack fire extinguisher

Backpack fire extinguisher is available with the option of usage along with a breathing apparatus. Backpack systems are ideal for use in industry, first intervention system in coal mine, fire trucks & emergency vehicles, offshore & marine. It was made of PVC- flame repellent and that was green color and electronically welded.

Product description:

Forest fire extinguisher
Easy to operate
Color: green or the color you want
Ergonomic tank with minimum capacity of 15L & 19L;
With double loop and envelope format designed to facilitate the supply;
Filling nozzle with at least 110mm in diameter and rigid plastic cover, threaded with valve and a safety twine.
With internal straps that allow better fixation of the backpack on the back of the operator, and double reinforcement at the base of the tank;

Photo of Backpack fire extinguisher

Backpack fire extinguisher

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