The FlameFighter

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The FlameFighter

The FlameFighter

The FlameFighter is simplified used in the beginning of following 5 class fires:
Class A solid material (wood, paper, coal, etc.)
Class B flammable liquid (Kerosene, diesel, methanol, ethanol, paraffin etc.)
Class C gas and vapor (Gas, natural gas, methane, propane, hydrogen etc.)
Class E electrical equipment (Household appliances, electronic components, and electronic equipment etc.)
Class F cooking oil (all kinds of cooking oil)

Product detail:
The FlameFighter fire extinguisher is easily utilized in auto, home, shopping mall, school and outdoors BBQ. It has High-performance driving gas.

The driving gas: nitrogen

Fire extinguishing agent: ABC (ammonium phosphate)

Material of bottle: aluminum alloy

Color: blue, gold, red, black, white serial of bottle: aluminum alloy

The product parameter

Product Model


Dry Powder Weight (g)


Size of bottle (mm)


Operating Gas


Operating pressure

0.8MPa (ºC)

Operating temperature (ºC)


Effective Discharge Time (s)



1. After opening the cap, it cannot be repeated use and filled

2. The storage temperature is -10~55, monthly check the nozzle is clean or not , yellow plastic seal is intact or not, if you discover the nozzles blue powder or yellow seal is damaged, please replace the FlameFighter in time

3. Keep away from kids and high temperature heat source

4. Cannot pierce or burn the bottle body, even after using

photo of The FlameFighter

The FlameFighter

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