D class fire extinguisher

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D class fire extinguisher

D class fire extinguisher

This is a Dry Chemical Powder Based Fire Extinguisher suitable for fighting Metal Fires. Metal fires pose special problems to the fire fighting operations. Water or foam cannot be used as fire extinguishing agent because many metals react violently with water even at room temp. Ordinary dry chemical powders are not suitable for fighting metal fires, because light metal is easy to be oxidized and start burning due to its active characteristic. Its melting point is very low, self-ignite even when there is fire around. But this type of the fire extinguisher can handle it.

Product detail:

Name: D class fire extinguisher

Color: Red or other customized color

Handle: Tin

Nozzle: PVC Rubber

Valve material: Brass

Drive gas: Inert gases.

Certificate: UL, CE, ISO9001

Standard: American, Europe, Asia, Middle East

Special Service: OEM, Cylinder Size suit your requires

D class fire extinguisher parameter

Working pressure


Working temperature

-20 to 55 centigrade degree

Valid distance of put out fire


Valid protection area

1 square meter

Weight of medicament


Cylinder material


photo of D class fire extinguisher

D class fire extinguisher

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