Epoxy Paint

Our company is a manufacturing enterprise which principally manufactures heavy-duty anticorrosive paint,ship paint. We involves in product research and development,matching design,manufacturing and marketing as well. The annual productivity is 8000 tons. Currently, our company has passed the certification of ISO9001 international quality system, China Classification Society (CCS) factory qualification and product certification. Some paint was honored by USA FDA certificate and EU CE certificate.
Technicists of our company are all senior engineer which from
national paint research institutions. We build a long-term collaboration with Chemical Research Institute, integrate international advanced technology, adhere to innovation. Presently, we developed ten categories hundreds of kinds of color products which can compete with international brand quality.
On the basis of excellent cost effectiveness products, perfect compatibility,perfect after sale service, product sold in China. Also exports to USA,Russia, Vietnam, Mongolia and other countries. Due to the excellent matching of the product, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, railways, bridges, ships, docks, container, various types of storage tanks, gas tank, oil, gas, water pipelines etc. more than 20 industries. And we can supply all kinds of the epoxy paints,such as :

1.ACEH-202 Modified Epoxy Bilge Anticorrosive Primers

2,FXH01-4 High-Build Modified Epoxy Anticorrosive Primers (IronRed)

3,FXH01-5 High-build Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Anticorrosive Primers(Gray,Iron Red)

4,FXH01-9 Epoxy Cement Part Seal Paint( use for terrace or cement pile etc.)

5.FXH02-3 High-build Epoxy Rusty Antirust Primers (Pale Brown)

6,FXH02-7 Modified Epoxy Nonferrous Metal Primers

7.FXH04-86 High-build Epoxy Glass Flake Anticorrosive Primers

8,FXH05-1 Without Soot Carbon Epoxy Antistatic Anticorrosive Primers

9,FXH05-2 Without Soot Carbon Epoxy Antistatic Anticorrosive Intermediate Paint

10,FXH05-3 Without Soot Carbon Epoxy Antistatic Anticorrosive Finish

11,GH-500 Moisturecuring Epoxy Mica Iron Intermediate Coat

12,GH-850 Moisturecuring Epoxy Steady Anticorrosive primers

13.GH-900 Moisturecuring Epoxy Zinc-Rich Anticorrosive primers

14,RPEH-405 Modified Epoxy Bilge Anticorrosive Primers

15,RPEH-406 Epoxy Mica Iron Intermediate Paint

16,RPEH-901 Epoxy Linking Paint(use for bridge and shipping boat)

17,SPEH-102 Epoxy Shop Primer (Iron red)

18,SPEH-104 High Build Epoxy Zinc-rich Primers

19,TKEH-701 High-build Epoxy Drinking Water Tank Anticorrosive Primers

20,TKEH-702 Popular Type Modified Epoxy Anticorrosive Paint(use for boat)

21,TKEH-703 Epoxy Phenol Anticorrosive Primers

22,TKEH-704 Epoxy Phenol Anticorrosive Finish

23,TKEH-705 Modified Epoxy Ballast Tank Anticorrosive Paint

24,TKEH-706 Modified Epoxy Antiabrasive Innoxious Hold Paint

Epoxy Paint Application:

Epoxy Paint

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