Dredge Swivel Bend

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Dredge Swivel Bend

Description of Dredge Swivel Bend

Hi-sea Dredge Swivel Bend is specially for cutter suction dredger.It can make the discharging pipe rotate freely around the pipe on board.It is a good option when working with a floating pipeline. The bend can adjust easily to the orientation of the CSD while this is making its dredge swing. The swivel bend will have less wear than a dredge hose and is much more flexible due to a much larger rotation angle.

For turning, the swivel bend is fitted with a large grease-lubricated bearing between the bends. To take on the forces exerted by the floating pipeline, a pivot with a self lubricating bush is fitted on the lower bend. This pivot also prevents any torque from reaching the swivel and its seals. The welded steel foundation will help to distribute the load from the floating pipeline to the hull of the dredge. The swivel bend is fitted with a replaceable rubber seal, which runs on a stainless steel contact surface. The rugged design of the swivel bend and the large radius of the pipe bends will keep maintenance to minimum.


Larger rotation angle

Long working life in abrasive conditions

Full range to suit all needs

Easily adjust to the orientation of the dredgers

Note:Hi-sea dredge swivel bend can be customized according to your special requests.If you have any question,please feel free to contact us directly.

Pictures are as follows:

Dredge Swivel Bend

Dredge Swivel Bend

Dredge Swivel Bend

Dredge Swivel Bend

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