Dredge Spud Carrier

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Dredge Spud Carrier

Description of Dredge Spud Carrier

Hi-sea Dredge Spud Carrier is for cutter suction dredger.It is designed to reduce spud handling during dredge operations and so increase production of the dredge with with 10% to 20%. After completing a swing, the CSD or WSD is pushed forward by the spud carrier, so that it can start a new swing. Once at the end of its traveling range, the auxiliary spud is lowered so that the carrier can be moved to its starting position.

The dredge spud carrier is of a very rigid design.The carrier pontoon can easily be fitted to the aft of your dredge and can be ballasted.The carrier is moved by a double acting hydraulic cylinder.Optionally the spud carrier installation can be fitted with its own hydraulic power pack.

We supply special designs of dredge spud carrier.


Complete range


Fitted with its own hydraulic power pack

Advanced design and high quality

Special designed hydraulic system

Pictures of Dredge Spud Carrierare as follows:

Dredge Spud Carrier

Dredge Spud Carrier

Dredge Spud Carrier

Dredge Spud Carrier

Note:Our Dredge Spud Carrier can be customized according to clients' special requests.For more information,please feel free to contact us directly.

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