Dredge Spud

Description of Dredge Spud

Hi-sea Dredge Spud is for cutter suction dredger.We supply different designs in all sizes.The spuds' design forms an optimum between diameter, wall thickness and weight. The construction is of rolled steel pipe pieces with varying wall thickness, which are welded together with full pen welds.

Our dredge spuds are fitted with pin holes for tilting as well as to secure the spud when it is not in use. The lower point is made of solid steel to ensure sufficient strength during ground penetration. When the spud is hoisted, water may escape through two holes above the lower point. On top, a hoisting eye allows for a crane to replace the spud easily. Standard spuds are made of grade A steel, but it is possible to order other material. We can provide a wide range of dredge spuds and any other marine spuds according to the the clients' special requests.


Material: CCSD36 or Q345B/D

Diameter:can be customized

Longer wear life

Made from high quality steel,wear-resistant

Easy to maintain

Simple to assemble and disassemble,It can be adjusted precisely

Pictures of Dredge Spuds are as follows:Dredge Spud

Dredge Spud

Dredge Spud

Dredge Spud

Dredge Spud

Dredge Spud

Note:The dredge spuds' designs and sizes can be customized according to clients' requests.For more information,please contact us freely.

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