Dredge Side Wire Block

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Dredge Side Wire Block

Description of Dredge Side Wire Block

Hi-sea Dredge Side Wire Block is specially for cutter suction dredger.It is designed to meet the rugged environments which a cutter dredger normally encounters. The block is a balanced steel construction, which will always pivot to align to the direction of the side wire. Pivoting of the blocks is done with grease lubricated bronze bushes, which are easy to maintain or replace.

The cable sheave is a welded steel sheave with a hardened groove and a watertight encased bearing. The diameter of the sheave is chosen extra large, to reduce wear on the cable. Replaceable wear rings are fitted to guide the cable into the sheave.

Our dredge side wire block can be customized according to your special requirements.For more information,please feel free to contact us directly.


Used for CSD

Easy to operate and high in efficiency

High grade quality raw materials,low cost

Long service life in abrasive conditions

Economic and robust design with a long, effective operating life

Easy to maintain

Pictures are as follows:

Dredge Side Wire Block

Dredge Side Wire Block

Dredge Side Wire Block

Dredge Side Wire Block

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