Cam Type Magnetic Lifter

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Cam Type Magnetic Lifter

Cam Type Magnetic Lifter

Cam type magnetic lifter adopts high strength permanent magnet material. The magnetic stripe is arranged at the bottom of the body, which can lift steel plate and iron plate. And its simple structure leaves out the maintenance steps of conventional products. This product is mainly used to lift saw blades, small grinding tool, power distribution boxes and other small workpiece, and will not damage the surface of them. Beside that, it is safe, efficient and convenient to operate.

Product Details:

1. Item: Cam type magnetic lifter

2. Type: Permanent

3. Power source: Magnetic force

4. Capacity: 150kg

5. Braking load is 4 times of working load limited

6. Usage: Lifting

7. Size: 140*100*190 mm

8. Special specifications and marks can be made according to customers requirement

Pay Attention:

1. Holding: Place the lifter on the carrying object with handle right up and pull it out after ensuring that it has attracted perfectly.

2. Releasing: The lifter releases the carrying object when the handle is turned in off direction.

3. Pay attention to the balance. Magnetic lifter should be placed above the center of gravity of object.








Cam Type Magnetic Lifter

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