Barge Azimuth Thruster

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Barge Azimuth Thruster

Barge Azimuth Thruster

This product is barge azimuth thruster. It is designed with prior reliability and runs very well. It has four typical features as follows:

1. Superior strength: tough and rational structural design has accomplished superior strength, especially strong and durable driving shaft and seal are adopted for longer operation

2. Less noise and vibration: employing thicker duct plate and developing new propeller design have achieved less noise and vibration which follow comfortable living environment on board.

3. Easy installation and periodical inspection: it has a structure which is able to weld anywhere on outer surface of duct for installation. On the periodical inspection, it is almost not needed to change parts except seal.

4. Various type of driving: compact new control system can provide easy operation. Customer can choose various configuration of prime mover, electric motor, diesel engine or hydraulic motor.


1. Material: alloy, Cu3, Cu4, bronze

2. Propeller diameter: 500mm-2500mm

3. Power: 63kw-2000kw

4. Thrust: 10KN-297KN

5. Propeller type: FPP & CPP

6. Blades: 4 (customized)

7. Certification: ISO9001:2000

8. Certificates: ABS, CCS, DNV, NK, GL, BV, KR, LR, etc.

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Barge Azimuth Thruster

Barge Azimuth Thruster

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