Azimuth Thruster

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Azimuth Thruster

Azimuth Thruster

The flexibility in design makes the azimuth thrusters ideal to a wide range of vessels. The low noise and vibration levels further enhance the area of use. The azimuth thrusters can be driven by electric motor or hydraulic motor. The units are available as open or ducted with fixed or controllable pitch, or with contra-rotating propellers. Modularized rudder propeller structure simplifies the system and makes the components easier to interchange and maintain. The accurate remote system is simple to operate, sensitive to respond and reliable during navigation.


1. Power: 440KWˇ«3700KW

2. Propeller diameter: 1100mmˇ«3800mm

3. Clutch: built-in hydraulic or air pressure controlled clutch, external hydraulic clutch with reduction gear

4. Bevel gears: high precision, strong loading capacity and long service life

5. Certification: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, KR, NK, GL, RINA, LR, etc.

Azimuth Thruster

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Azimuth Thruster

Azimuth Thruster

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