Rocket Parachute Flare Signal

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Rocket Parachute Flare Signal

Rocket Parachute Flare Signal

Rocket parachute flare signal is used to fit in the life rafts, for people who is in danger to get help. It is in accordance with 1996 amendments (LSA) code to SOLAS 1974. The launching tube has clear instructions and a non-slip surface to ensure safe operation even when launched with one hand. It is suitable for long range distress signalling when in danger on ships, mountain, wild, hunting, travel. This signal could be shot up to sky more than 300 meters.

Product Details:

1. Luminous intensity: 30000cd

2. Burning time: 40s

3. Launching height: 300m

4. Color of flare: Red

5. Validity: 3 years

6. Package: 24 pieces/ case

7. Size: 47*262mm

8. Approval: CCS/ CE/ ZY

9. Amibient temperature for use and storage: -30~65

Operating Instruction:

1. Take out the rocket signal form barrel, unload bags.

2. Open the cover of signal up and down.

3. Find the ring-pull and pull it out.

4. Clenching it, then launching over head.


1. Raise it over head when launching.

2. Used for diatress signal only

3. Forbid fire in storage.

Rocket Parachute Flare Signal

Instruction of rocket parachute flare signal

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