Marine Inclinometer

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Marine Inclinometer

Marine Inclinometer

Marine inclinometer is a precise instrument manufactured by tranditional technology. Its movement is made of material and other components are treated by anti-corrosion. It should be vertically fitted on measured object and avoid to vibrate violently. It is used to measure instantaneous inclination of the hull and then record, which is an indispensable instrument of shipping. It is suitable for ship navigation, marine and fisheries departments.

Product Details:

1. Graduation: 1ˇă

2. Range: 50ˇărespectively

3. Indication error: ˇŔ1ˇă

4. Net weight: 1.5kg

5. Dial size: ¦µ150mm

6. Overall dimension: ¦µ208*62mm

7. Working temperature: -10ˇć~50ˇć

8. High sensitivity and accuracy.

Marine Inclinometer

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