Marine Wind Speed Anemometer

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Marine Wind Speed Anemometer

Marine Wind Speed Anemometer

Marine wind speed anemometer is used to measure the direction of wind and the average wind speed within a minute. It is suitable for meteorological, hydrological, mines and field study, especially for wind speed measurement under bad environment. The wind dorection part adopts automatic north loading device, measurement without artifical to equipped with advanced aluminum alloy portable instrument box.

Product Details:

1. Wind speed measurement range: 0-30m/s

2. Wind speed start wind speed: 0.3m/s

3. Wind speed measurement accuracy: (0.30.03V)m/s

4. Wind speed parameters: the instantaneous wind speed, the average wind speed

5. Wind direction measurement range: 0-360 degrees, 16 bearing

6. Wind direction stard wind speed: 1.0m/s

7. Wind direction measurement accuracy: 1/2 bearing

8. Wind set north: automatic

9. Work environment temperature: -10~45

10. Work environment humidity: less than 100% RH

11. Power supply: 3V 5 cell 2

12. Size: 360mm*70mm*75mm

13. Weight: 0.5kg

14. Small volume, light weight, complete functions

Picture of Marine Wind Speed Anemometer:

Marine Wind Speed Anemometer

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