Neoprene Life Jacket

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Neoprene Life Jacket

Neoprene Life Jacket:

The neoprene life jacket is designed to keep you safe no matter what aquatic activities you may be participating in. Safety comes first. This high-performance vest features twin security buckles and a snug, full-zip closure. It's made with Neoprene material to give you a comfortable fit so you can do the things you like to do out on the water. The Neoprene life jackets are much more comfortable than other vests because they are soft. Neoprene life vests also fit more snugly around the body, becoming looser due to expansion when they come in contact with water. As a result, they offer greater freedom of movement. Neoprene life vests retain the wearer's body heat. Neoprene life vests, thus, are much warmer, which can be a crucial factor in cold water.


1. Front zip entry provides easy on and off.

2.Two adjustable buckle for secure fit.

3. Materials: foam, neoprene, and nylon.

4. Durable floatation foam for maximum safety.

5. Smooth nylon for added durability without compromising comfort.

6. Perfect for all flat water boating activities.

7. Available in various colors and sizes.

Neoprene Life Jacket

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Neoprene Life Jacket

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Neoprene Life Jacket

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