Foam Life Jacket

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Foam Life Jacket

Foam Life Jacket:

Foam life jacket is widely applied to life saving for seamen and passengers on board vessels sailing on the sea, coast and river. SOLAS reflective taps on the shoulder make the rescue more easily be found. Both in the front and back. Safety buckle connected with the body to ensure your safety. It has Small size, light weight, comfort, easy use and suitable for offshore operation and personal protective device. Our life jackets have approved CCS, CE certification, conform to SOLAS standard.


1. Material: Polyethylene foamed plastics

2. Buoyancy: more than 75N

3. Buoyancy loss after 24h in water: less than 5%

4. Application: Suit for the people working on board and seagoing or offshore

5. Equipment: Marine Reflective Tape, With whistle and light

6. Size: Child/adult

Foam Life Jacket

Foam Life Jacket-A

Foam Life Jacket

Foam Life Jacket-B

Foam Life Jacket

Foam Life Jacket-C

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