Baby Swimming Life Jacket

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Baby Swimming Life Jacket

Baby Swimming Life Jacket

New design baby life jacket can float on the water, soft, light and flexible, easy to get in and off. Make babies enjoy themselves in water sports. Our life jacket for baby is no radiation, non-toxic and eco-friendly features, you can trust to use. Our child life jackets feel smooth, will not hurt children's tender skin, Which is High quality and durable for a long time. Please feel free to contact us on baby swimming life jacket. You can also get other kind of life jacket, buoy and so on.


1. Life jacket for baby can resist decay, humidity, mildew, UV, but easy to clean.

2. Light weight, not easy to broken.

3. Cost-effective, light carton shipment, easy to transport.

4. Life jacket for baby is eco-friendly and no-toxic.

5. Waterproof, anti-bacteria swimming skirt panels

6. Dimensional stability, longevity, natural feel spa devices

7. High impact resistant spa panel.

8. Anticorrosion, damp-proof, anti-crack, mothproof, anti-ultraviolet spa panel

9. The products are environmental, biodegradable which can reduce tree felling and preserve the ecological environment.

Baby Swimming Life Jacket

Baby Swimming Life Jacket-A

Baby Swimming Life Jacket

Baby Swimming Life Jacket-B

Baby Swimming Life Jacket

Baby Swimming Life Jacket-C

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