Marine Platform Steel Grating

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Marine Platform Steel Grating

Marine Platform Steel Grating

Marine platform steel grating also can be called marine platform steel grille.Hi-sea marine platform steel grating is specially for shipbuilding industry.It is widely used in warehouse platform, chimneys platform, bridge house platform, etc.Hi-sea marine platform steel grating conforms to CB/T608-1998 standard.At the same time,it is produced according to the Chinese CCS standard, Germany GL standard, French BV standard, British LR standard, Norway DNV standard and so on.

Features of Marine Platform Steel Grating:

1.Welding kick board(guard board),decorative pattern plate armor plate,installation fittings and other accessories can be added to the periphery of steel grating.

2.Using flat steel which is different with the specifications of steel grating to package edge,or using Angle steel, channel steel, square tube, etc to package edge.

3.The handle and hinge can be installed on the platform which need often move or open.

4.In general,the package edge welding standard of platform steel grating is:Series 1 is every 5 welding 1;Series 2 is every 4 welding 1;Series 3 is every 3 welding 1;Weld line is single-side fillet weld which is not less than 3mm;Weld line is 20mm long.

Note:Hi-sea marine grating can be customized according to usersĄŻ special requirements.For any more information,please feel free to contact us directly.Best service and excellent products can be available.

Marine Platform Steel Grating

Picture of Marine Platform Steel Grating

Marine Platform Steel Grating

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