Marine Deck Steel Grating

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Marine Deck Steel Grating

Marine Deck Steel Grating

Marine deck steel grating is widely used in shipbuilding industry.It is fit for ship machine furnace channel,deck access,platforms,etc.Hi-sea marine deck steel grating is produced according to the CB/T608-1998 standard.It can save material.Its bearing capacity is strong.It is attractive and durable.It is easy to install.Marine grating is in accordance with these standards as follows:Chinese CCS standard, Germany GL standard, French BV standard, British LR standard, Norway DNV standard and so on.Different national standard and the user's production needs are various.

Our marine deck steel grating can be customized according to clients' special requirements.If you are interested in our marine deck steel grating,welcome to contact us directly.Best service can be available.

Base Materials of Marine Grating:

Stainless steel, resin glass fiber reinforced plastic grille( FRP fiber reinforced composite plastics)

Materials of Marine Grating:

Plain type flat steel,I-bar type flat steel and FRP reinforced composite plastic

Surface treatment of marine grating:

General hot dip galvanized process is for carbon steel

Acid picking and polishing processing are for stainless steel.

Marine Deck Steel Grating

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