Hot Dip Galvanized Marine Steel Grating

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Hot Dip Galvanized Marine Steel Grating

Hot Dip Galvanized Marine Steel Grating

Hi-sea Hot Dip Galvanized Marine Steel Grating is specially tailored for shipbuilding industry.This product are widely used in all kinds of channels, such as machine furnace storehouse passageway of ship,deck walkway, warehouse platform, chimneys platform, bridge house platform, etc.Different specifications can be available according to the needs of different users.

Because of poor working conditions, the hull will accept the chemical corrosion of sea water,the electrochemical corrosion,the corrosion of sea creatures and the microbiological corrosion.Therefore,Hi-sea product design, production and acceptance strictly conform to CB/T608-1998 standard.At the same time, the selection of materials, processing technology of the marine steel grating, welding process, package edge flat steel and the specifications of the twisting lever, fixed plate welding and hot dip galvanized zinc layer thickness all also have strict requirements.

Hi-sea hot dip galvanized marine steel grating is in accordance with these standards as follows:Chinese CCS standard, Germany GL standard, French BV standard, British LR standard, Norway DNV standard and so on.Different national standard and the user's production needs are various.The standard strength structural steel set by the China classification society has four quality grades to distinguish general strength and high strength.

Specifications:(for reference)

Form code


Specifications of flat steel

Specifications of cross-bar

Flat steel pitch

Cross-bar pitch

Outline dimension



Carbon steel grating






machine furnace storehouse passageway,deck walkway,platform

Note:This marine grating can be customized according to your special requirements.For any more infromation,please contact us directly.Best service will be offered.

Hot Dip Galvanized Marine Steel Grating

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Certificates: CCS,BV,GL,LR,DNV,etc.

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