Marine Level Gauge

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Marine Level Gauge

1. Marine Level Gauge Brief Introduction:

Marine level gauge is called marine level meter, marine level controller.

It is widely used to measure and control medium in the water tank, oil tank or others. And it apply for all kinds of medium environment such as corrosive, toxic and explosive one. Because of low temperature, some medium is easy to freeze and poor fluidity.

2. Categories:

marine tube type level gauge
marine flat type level gauge
marine glass type level gauge
marine magnetic type level gauge
marine dial level gauge
marine float type level gauge
marine pressure resisting type level gauge
3. Features:

(1). Simple structure, good stability and reliability.

(2). Independent of mediumí»s physical and chemical states, such as conductivity, dielectric constants, foam etc.
4. Pictures of Marine Level Gauge:

Marine Level Gauge
5. Marine Level Gauge in Factory:

Marine Level Gauge

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