Marine HND-MWM Genset

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Marine HND-MWM Genset

Marine HND-MWM Genset


1. Engine brand: HND-MWM

2. Alternator: Marathon (standard), Sunvim, Stamford, and Leory Somer for option

3. Application: used for electric power supply for vessels

4. Electric starting or air starting

5. Rated speed: 1500RPM, 1800RM

6. Rated voltage: 400V

7. Output frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

8. Output power: 20KWĄ«1600KW

9. Certificates: CCS (standard), ABS, BV, DNV, LRS, etc. for option


1. Environmental friendly system

2. High combustion efficiency

3. Low emission

4. Compact structure

5. Reliability and stability

6. Long service life

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Marine HND-MWM Genset

Marine HND-MWM Diesel Genset

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