Marine HND-MWM Generating Set

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Marine HND-MWM Generating Set

Marine HND-MWM Generating Set


1. Engine brand: HND-MWM diesel engine

2. Alternator: Marathon (standard) Sunvim, Stamford, and Leory Somer for option

3. Application: used as electric power supply or propulsive force for ships

4. Electric starting or air starting

5. Rated speed: 1500RPM, 1800RM

6. Rated voltage: 400V

7. Output frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

8. Output power: 20KWĄ«1600KW

9. Certificates approved: CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, LRS, etc.


1. Superior performance

2. High combustion efficiency

3. Strong driving force

4. Long service life

5. Reliability and stability

6. Easy maintenance

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Marine HND-MWM Generating Set

Marine HND-MWM Diesel Generating Set

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