Marine Gear Bushing

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Marine Gear Bushing

Marine Gear Bushing

1. Material: cast steel (ASTM A487 Gr4 D);

2. Dimension: customized;

3. Color: customized;

4. Warranty: one year;

5. High Quality Material;

6. Reasonable and Competitive Price;

7. Certificate: CCS

8. Packing: standard package or as you require;

9. Delivery Time: 1~30days(depending on different situations)

10. Payment Terms: L/C,T/T etc.

Other offshore oil engineering castings:

1. Ball Joint for Marine Oil Recovery System;

2. Marine Gear Bushing;

3. Clump Weight;

4. Chain stopper;

5. Anchor chain wheel;

6. Marine cast steel jaw;

7. Petroleum machinery casting four-way pipe fitting;

8. Marine front bracket

Marine Gear Bushing

Marine Gear Bushing

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